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Urgent update for Music for All applicants

The Covid 19 crisis has plunged everyone’s normal activities into uncertainty and we need to let all Music for All grant applicants know that these challenging times have had an impact on our application process.

The current application period is due to close on July 1st for funding in September. We have taken the decision to extend the application period to November 1st for funding in January 2021. We will obviously keep the situation under close observation and let you know if any further changes need to be made. We are naturally sorry if this affects your application in relation to timings, but hope you understand why we have had to take this difficult decision. Please bear with us as we all hope the severe restrictions imposed by the virus are resolved as quickly as possible.


Funding applications and standard deadlines

Music for All takes applications for funding and operates in the following times during the year:

Spring period
Application deadline is 1st November for funding requirement in the following January

Summer period
Application deadline is 1st February for funding requirement in April

Autumn period
Application deadline is 1st July for funding requirement in September.
Please note as explained above, this year’s Autumn funding deadline has been extended until 1st November for funding in January 2021 due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Funding Options


Individual Grant

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments and lessons. Our Grant Application process allows us to help people fulfil their musical dreams. Young, old, regardless of personal or life challenges, we truly want music to be for all.

Community Project Funding

Many projects and initiatives take place throughout the UK that all aim to bring music to their community. Most would benefit from a “helping hand” to fulfil their potential in becoming truly sustainable music programmes.

Online Application


Here are our application instructions, eligibility criteria and some hints and tips on how to apply for funding with Music for All.
Please read through these carefully before you start completing our application form:

Individual Grant Application Instructions and Eligibility Criteria
Community Project Funding Instructions and Eligibility Criteria

Once you’ve read the above instructions and eligibility criteria please click this link to access Music for All’s Online Application Form – best of luck!

*Please note that you will need to select whether you are an applying for an Individual Grant, or Community Project Funding and the form will adapt to suit.