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Online Learning Resources

Here are some excellent, recommended online learning platforms that teach you to play.


Fender Play

A video-based learning platform for desktop and iPhone. Fender Play is designed to change the way beginner players learn how to play guitar through hundreds of easy-to-follow, instructor-guided video lessons utilising a song-driven, personalised learning path that enables even brand-new players to master chords and riffs in minutes. You will have access to a large glossary of helpful terms, chords and videos. You can choose the type of guitar, songs and genre you want to learn, putting you in control of your own musical journey. Skills are taught in less than 2 minutes and only 22 minutes to a beginner’s first recognisable riff.


Orange Rock Guitar Foundation Course

This course takes you from a complete beginner to Grade 2. It will start with the basics, such as how to hold the guitar, before moving onto teaching the fundamentals of rock guitar playing such as how to play open chords, power chords, and how to develop your technical skills. You will also learn basic sight reading skills and aural skills. All throughout the course you will learn supporting theory that will allow you to really understand exactly what it is you are playing.

Once you have finished this course you can then take the RQF and EQF accredited Orange Rock Guitar Foundation Online Exam.


Emuso/Studio  is the Ultimate Help System for all musicians, of all ages (above 10) and skill levels.  Emuso is explicitly designed to help our users with learning, practicing, exploring and teaching music. This 2 minute video captures the essence of emuso:  Emuso/Studio is dedicated to giving everyone the confidence, technique, and musical understanding to join in the global conversation expressed through musical improvisation and composition. Emuso’s design and auto-correcting interactive content (lessons and practice regimes) are based on the findings of music psychology that continuously reinforce awareness of the building blocks of music, (intervals), and provides access to their individual sounds, whether in scales, chords, or progressions.  There is no need to learn music notation, even to understand very advanced theory.  Emuso employs a unique visual approach to theory and can separate (or combine) rhythm from pitch.  Consequently, our users rapidly absorb the concepts available, to free up their brains’ working memory to focus on the task in hand.  We deliberately do not provide note-for-note song breakdowns, nor show how to hold the guitar, nor how to fret a chord.  There are many wonderful sites on the Internet that cater with these.  However, we expressly provide the tools and knowledge that enable our users, through natural learning, to understand the note choices made in songs, and hence how to improvise and compose.  Our initial focus is for stringed instruments.  The interactive content will be growing over time, including paid for content (which will be free to Music for All).  More information and videos are available on our website (  We are making 1000 licenses of emuso available for free to Music for All.  Please contact Music for All for a coupon code that gives 100% discount, and then “buy” emuso with this coupon via   A video explaining the process from buying through to downloading and license activation is in our FAQs at

Your Space Music Lessons

If you are looking to access music lessons but have found it difficult due to geographical location, a physical disability or medical condition or you feel extremely daunted and nervous, then Your Space Music Lessons could be the solution for you.  They have hand-picked some wonderful music teachers from around the UK and Europe who can offer high quality tuition via live online lessons.  Everyday Internet speeds make online lessons a great alternative to traditional lessons where you can access high quality music tuition without having to leave your home, via your laptop or tablet.  Over the past few years Your Space Music Lessons have helped hundreds of pupils, both children and adults, develop their music skills and gain qualifications (ABRSM, Trinity) via online lessons and have built up some great friendships along the way.  They are a family music school at heart and believe that person to person tuition is the most effective and motivating way of learning a musical instrument, and they do this with a modern twist. Live online music lessons for piano, singing, drums, brass, strings, woodwind, accordion, bagpipes and guitar.  Free taster lessons available.

Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard Europe are launching a range of initiatives to help people continue making music during these unprecedented times, via their online store.  Every week Hal Leonard will be providing free outstanding, fun and rewarding music lessons for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 that can be taught at home. These can be found here.

Ocarina Workshop

Watch six videos for first ocarina lessons: playing tips, tunes and lots of play-along fun here. During the crisis, Ocarina Workshop will give a free ‘Play Your Ocarina – Book 1’ with every Ocarina purchased through their website, one per ocarina (this includes, class packs, ocarina sets and single ocarinas), available here. Free downloadable resources to support BBC Ten Pieces are here and the new ‘Adventurous Music-Making’ publications can be accessed from this page – all six titles are now complete, with pupil books, teacher books and audio CDs.

BBC Bitesize – KS3 Music 

Loads of practical steps for music-making and inspiring examples from famous musicians and artists. These guides are designed to enable 11-14-year-old students to work through at their own pace, whatever their level, to develop their practical skills and get inspired about the potential of a career in music. The resources cover composition, performance, improvisation and evaluation skills and are ideal for short or long-term projects in the classroom or as homework. Topics include How to write a songHow to rap and Percussion. They’ve also teamed up with Ten Pieces to create five companion guides with detailed steps on making jazz music, minimalism, a Doctor Who themefilm composition and fusion music. More info on BBC Music Education offer, available here.

Warwick Music

Warwick Music Group are offering free video lessons until the end of June to use and share. More info here.


ABRSM has various resources available on their website for teachers, parents and music students. More information on supporting a child learning an instrument is available here. Watch the First Lady of West End musicals, Kerry Ellis speaking to workshop participants about the importance of looking after your voice here. ABRSM Examiner and Violinist Jessica O’Leary gives her Tchaikovsky teaching tips here.

Faber Music 

As schools close across the country and music teachers, parents & students look for ways to help music education continue at home, Faber Music have pulled together some of their most helpful books and resources to help make the transition a bit easier. Take a look.

RSL Awards Resources

Practise with Purpose: Free practice diary – vary your routine to stay positive and motivated. Available here. Online Learning During COVID-19: Rockschool Professional Diplomas – Earn an undergraduate level qualification in just 40 guided learning hours. More info here. To support students and teachers, RSL are offering up to a 25% discount* on purchases of Replay. This online rehearsal tool enables you to play along to the full audio and backing tracks; adjust the tempo, score view and balance of parts and more. *available until 17th April 2020.


Music Education Solutions

Music Education Solutions have discounted all their online courses from £99 to £10 for the duration of the pandemic. Further info here.


Find a Musical Instrument Shop

Within this category, there are recommended retailers covering the full breadth of the United Kingdom. This includes both independent outlets and chains of stores. There is a wonderful mix of shops selling traditional instruments and those at the cutting edge of new technologies. Many of these shops offer services such as instrument hire and repair, plus links to local educational establishments and music teachers. Some of the shops contain on-site music teaching facilities.

Music retail is still very much open for business during this difficult time. Your local music store isn’t closed, it’s just moved online.

The UK musical instrument shops are filled with passionate and creative people who are determined to help every music maker they can during these difficult times.

Hundreds of shops are managing to keep their websites open for business in order to deliver all your musical needs to the comfort of your home.

You can see the full list of music shops that are operating online here:

Find a Music Teacher

Find a music teacher

Below you will find a range of websites that provide details of music teachers throughout the UK.

Many of these music teachers will also be able to provide online lessons.

Please check with the individual providers regarding the vetting of the teachers (eg. CRB checks) is a free service which aims to support musicians in every aspect of education and performance. Find music teachers in your area! Use the database to find a music teacher anywhere in the UK.

The Tutor pages is a site putting music teachers in touch with potential students and has been recommended by The Good Schools Guide along with London music colleges such as RCM and Trinity. Each tutor has written one or more articles on their expertise, making it an interesting and useful site for pupils and teachers to browse. Each instrument has its own page.

The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM’s) Register of Professional Private Music Teachers is the only regulated online list of its kind in the UK, providing a unique service to anyone looking for a private instrumental or vocal teacher. The Register is a comprehensive directory of teachers, offering a guarantee of professional status through membership of the ISM. Before being admitted to the Register, musicians must go through a stringent vetting process to demonstrate that they are professionally qualified and experienced teachers – giving you, their client, complete peace of mind.

RGT publishes a directory of registered guitar teachers and bass teachers in the UK and overseas.  A good teacher can save you years of struggling, by showing you how to do things the best way from the start.  So, whether you want to learn electric, acoustic, classical or bass guitar…to find a registered tutor in your area use our find a guitar teacher page.

For a comprehensive list of teachers offering piano, music and keyboard lessons in the UK and Ireland. All teachers are qualified to a minimum of Grade 8 and their CRB status is highlighted.
Music Lessons Plus helps you find private music teachers in your local area, giving you all of the information & details you’ll need to take the next step and start learning. All of our registered music teachers happily offer a free 20 minute introductory lesson and can be contacted directly.

Learn piano in under 1 hour with DecPlay piano lessons videos and tuition books. Using a unique colours, numbers and patterns method, DecPlay enables you to learn to play without having to read notation, making learning to play piano fun, easy and amazingly quick. FastPlay enables you to play to a reasonable level in under 1 hour and with more practice, ProPlay enables you to play in a very advanced style. Choose between using the online tuition videos and print outs or alternatively attend individual or group tuition events.

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network is a nationwide group of private music teachers and music schools backed by a small office team who are devoted to providing students with a unique, free teacher matching service.  As well as operating in the UK, the network also extends to the USA, Canada and Australia, where it originated, with an office in each country.

Looking for Music lessons near you? Browse hundreds of Music teachers and Music tutors near you, from beginners to advanced. Our Music teachers can teach children and adults alike, whatever the grade. Simply search for your postcode to find tuition near you.

Guide: Buying a musical instrument, making the right choice
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Alternative Funding

Help Musicians UK is a leading UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. This Funding Wizard on their website may help you find alternative funding opportunities:

Find a Music Group

Search from thousands of amateur music groups across the UK on the Making Music website: from choral societies to samba groups, symphony orchestras to festivals. You can search by location or by the types of music they make to find the best fit for you!

Well-being for musicians

Hearing protection

Exposure to loud music for long periods of time is a serious concern and a hazard not to be taken lightly.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that there’s more than 1.1 billion young people at risk from hearing loss, with 40% of these exposed to damaging levels of sound from entertainment.

Here are 2 organisations that design products to protect the hearing of musicians:

ACS Custom

Specialising in professional custom-made hearing protection and communication solutions and helping music makers across the world since 1994.


Hearology has a comprehensive range of the highest quality noise filters and we will choose this filter with you so that you get exactly the level of protection that you need need – no more, and no less – depending on which instrument you play, how much you practice, and where you sit or stand in relation to the other musicians you play with.

24/7 mental health service for musicians

Independent music charity Help Musicians UK is the largest provider of health and welfare support for the British music industry.

They have set up a helpline service that combines listening, advice and signposting with clinical, medical, therapeutic and welfare support.

For working & retired musicians: 0207 239 9101