We were delighted to hear that members of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble voted to support Music for All at its annual charity concert in November 2018.
This was a special event because they were celebrating 25 years of music making by a woodwind orchestra in which all the 45 players are amateurs.
Their music director, Shea Lolin (shown conducting during the concert at St John’s Waterloo) selected music for a programme he called ‘A Space Odyssey’.
The ensemble has a tradition of commissioning new music and this year they invited Chris Hussey to compose a new work for a concert.
This, and several other pieces, were illustrated by videos as they played which is why they are shown rehearsing in the dark in the second image. This novel feature of the concert was particularly enjoyed by a large audience.
The event raised hundreds of pounds for our charity!
There is more detail about the ensemble and the concert on their website: www.bloomsburymusicgroup.org.uk.