We have been able to reach out to even more talented individuals – young, old, regardless of personal or life challenges – and have helped them to fulfill their musical dreams. We’ve also supported many projects and initiatives that are taking place throughout the UK that all aim to bring music to their community…

Here’s a selection of just some of the wonderful people and projects we’ve support over the last few months – to see more stories like these , please go to https://musicforall.org.uk/news or follow us on facebook

Support for the Coasters Band!

Outreach 3 Way is a charity with a strong local reputation that provides support for people with learning disabilities and autism in East and West Sussex. We were asked if we had any musical equipment we could offer to their special musical band, The Coasters.

We were delighted to be able to help and here they are with their new gear!

If you want to know more about the band, please visit www.facebook.com/coastersband


A guitar for David

David had always been a musician and it was a big part of his life. He sadly made a mistake that he bitterly regretted and ended up serving time in a prison. David was determined to stay positive and to try and return as quickly as possible to his girlfriend and family. David did not have access to a guitar in his environment and wrote to us asking if we could help.

A lovely man called Edward had just donated us a guitar and Edward approved of sending it to David. David has since written 13 songs and recorded 6 of them, which he has entered into the Prison Awards scheme.

In David’s words “Once again thank you so much to Music for All and Edward for the kind donation. It’s very uplifting when members of the public do not turn away from us because of our current situation”

Help for Hackney

Hackney New Primary School really believe in the power of music and offer access to learning an instrument, regardless of ability to pay.

They asked for our help to support a programme to enable teaching bowed instruments for the Year 3 children. The children have been able to learn both in small groups and also rehearse in the weekly orchestra.

We were delighted to hear that the children have progressed so well that they have even given their first performances at the school!

A Piano for James

For the past 3 years, young James has been learning how to play the piano at school funded by a bursary from Kent Music Sound Hub. James faces a number of challenges in his life and playing the piano is both a huge achievement for him as well as being of great benefit therapeutically to him.

What he really needed was an instrument of his own and we were delighted to be able to step in and help.

James’ idol is Sir Elton John (as you can see from the picture!) and his piano teacher has been working with James on Elton John songs, this has further fuelled his enthusiasm to practice and play at home.
From Mum “Thank you Music for All”.

Helping Naomi

Talented Naomi has a real talent for the guitar and we were asked if we could help with her lessons to further her progress. We stepped in and her are some charming pictures of her with her teacher and proudly standing outside Leeds College of Music!

Help for Jonathan

Jonathan has been severely ill for nearly a year and mainly bed-bound or in hospital. He has a wonderful autistic son who is 5 with a big interest in music. Jonathan realised that music could be a great way for the two of them to communicate and he wrote to us asking if we could help. We donated a drum machine to the family.

In Jonathan’s words “It enables me to spend quality time with my son, despite my health condition. Having a musical instrument that we can both use together is truly a wonderful thing and, in turn, it is therapeutically valuable to my son as he faces many frustrations due to his autism. I cannot fully express just how much it truly means to me and I am deeply grateful”.

Support for M.I.N.D. in Salford

We always try and help anyone from society that wants to make music, regardless of background and circumstance. Donna works at the M.I.N.D branch in Salford and had a client with a keen interest in the guitar, but with no means to have their own instrument. We were delighted to step in and send him his own guitar.

Donna (in the picture) reported back that her client was “overwhelmed with the generosity” and in her words “Thank you once again, and bless you for making my client feel valued”

Support for Wendy

Wendy has been making music since she was a young girl and over the years, she took her music exams, played in orchestras, festivals and theatre groups.

A tragic accident has left her in constant pain and unable to play her beloved flute. Wendy was determined to find a way to continue to make music and asked us if we could help with some new equipment to create a small music studio where she could make new music.

Job done and here is Wendy making her music again!