Manor Green College is a dynamic and inspirational West Sussex secondary school for students between the ages of 11-19 who experience a wide range of learning difficulties. The College actively promotes strong personal and community values helping the students to live happy, productive and successful lives. We were asked if we could help by donating some instruments to help the students. As it happened, some had just arrived in the office and they went straight to Manor Green!
Here are just two of the students with their instruments:
Liam has complex autism, he loves playing on the keyboard and this has benefited him in a number of ways including speech therapy, confidence and imagination.
Edward has complex Autism and is non-verbal. He has never shown much interest in any form of musical instrument as he can’t stand loud sounds or certain pitches. However, this aversion to musical instruments completely changed when unprompted, he picked up the Ukulele and started strumming away. For the next half hour, Edward sat quietly and concentrated on making different musical sounds and he showed that he was really enjoying this. The Ukulele has been added to Edwards’s daily choice of reward items when he completes his work tasks!