We wrote last year (15 October) about our support for talented sisters, Orla and Erin. We have just had a wonderful update on them both from proud Mum!

“Orla continues to make good progress with both tenor horn and piano. Her horn teacher has suggested that she skips Grade 3 and progresses straight to Grade 4, which she is now taking this year. Orla continues to play horn in both the school orchestra and the ‘Music’s Cool’ ensemble whereby childrenfrom local primary schools rehearse together on a fortnightly basis. Orla has just been given a place for September at the secondary school where this is based, meaning she will be able to continue playing in the ensemble when she enters Year 7, helping the younger pupils. With regards to her piano playing, Orla is definitely benefiting from the extended lessons afforded by the funding we received, and is currently working on Grade 3 pieces and scales.”

“Erin’s flute playing is going from strength to strength. As well as joining the school orchestra, Erin has now been asked to join the Local Authority’s ‘Music’s Cool’ ensemble and is looking forward to her first rehearsal next week.
Erin is working on Grade 1 pieces and scales on the piano and is using apps such as ‘Tenuto’ to practise note names and key signatures.”

“Once again, thank you for the funding. It has been incredibly helpful in enabling us to further the girls’ musical abilities”.