This lovely school in Dorset needed our help to support music provision for the children. We were able to give a Community Grant and we have just had this news from the school:

“Since receiving our new music resources, music provision in our school has improved dramatically and every child in the school now has a designated music lesson per week which always includes the use of high quality instruments. Initially, our Year 2 and Year 3 children begun to learn the recorder and the 60 children have just performed in the community for an Easter Celebration.
All pupils have been involved in composition, performance, listening and appraising. Improving the quantity, range and quality of our resources has meant that all pupils can choose an instrument to suit their needs and can have the opportunity to perform together. Since we have received our new instruments, we have repurposed a small room to accommodate our peripatetic teachers and store our musical instruments. Raising the profile of music across the school has led to a greater uptake of instrument lessons and a greater number of pupils choosing to become involved in extra-curricular musical activities. We are seeing pupils shine and develop their skills in areas in which they have not had opportunities before, and in turn, we believe this will affect their overall self-esteem and even attainment in other subjects.
We can now truly say that we offer a creative curriculum in which the arts are embedded as part of learning across our school. It is a delight to be involved in the music of these young people.
Thank you”.