We recently were given an unused old cello by a lovely lady called Cheryl and, as always, we immediately set out to find a deserving individual for it.
Here is Isaac’s (age 10) story…
“I was amazed and really excited to be given a cello to call my own. It is a huge honour to be given a truly
wonderful and great sounding instrument that I never could have afforded to buy myself. It has inspired me to
play even more on my cello, thank you for making such a difference to my music making.
I have just completed my Grade 3 cello exam with Distinction, and am now working towards Grade 4. Also, every Saturday I play in the Junior String Orchestra at Horsham Music Centre.
In the last month, I have taken part in a composition workshop and performance with the Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra involving a solo on my cello which came from one of my compositions!
Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to Cheryl who has given me the cello for her generosity. It will
give me much enjoyment as I learn on it for many years to come”.