Natalie, a piano teacher from Hertfordshire, is kindly putting on a concert this Sunday at a local Church to raise money for Music for All. Her students have been sponsored by friends and family to take part, and all proceeds from the day will be donated to our Charity. Support like this allows Music for All to continue its mission, which is to create opportunities for everyone to experience the joys and benefits of music making.

We are very grateful for all of our fundraisers; we only exist thanks to donations from the public. If you would like to fundraise or donate to help us change lives through music, please get in touch!

Here is a lovely quote from Natalie which explains why she chose Music for All:

“I have been very lucky to have grown up in a position to have my extra curricular education paid for me- my parents paid for 14 years of piano lessons (and flute, dance, sports etc.) which must have cost a fortune overall! It’s because of all of these lessons that I went on to do a Music Degree at University of Nottingham and now work as a music educator myself. I couldn’t imagine my life without being able to play an instrument and it has had so many direct positive impacts on my life. My current students are all in the same position I was as a child- parents that can afford to pay for lessons, and not realising that there are many children that unfortunately cannot due to financial reasons. It’s so easy to take advantage of our luxuries and I’m hoping that us raising money for Music For All will teach my students that we are lucky to have lessons, and also be able to give other children the opportunity too.”