This lovely school in Wiltshire asked for our help with instruments and we were delighted to provide a whole range of percussion and other instruments.
In the words of the Head:

“The grant we received for our school has made an enormous difference already! We have purchased a wide range of instruments that have enabled all children to have hands on experience in every lesson and I can see just how enthused and motivated the children are. KS1 have been learning the ocarina. They are so proud to have their own colourful ocarina to play and we have already planned to showcase their talents in front of parents at the end of term. Several children have now bought an ocarina at home and are coming in showing fantastic progression. I can see they’ve been inspired to take their learning home which is motivating for us as teachers too to see we are making a difference to their music education. In KS2 we have been learning to play the glockenspiel. The children have been really enjoying this and get excited about getting the instruments out each week.

This is what some of the children at Heddington School had to say about the grant:

Sophia – We can play music we haven’t played before.
Alfie – We’ve never had glockenspiels before and they’re really fun to use.
Joseph – We’re very thankful for the money you gave us.
Lilly – We learnt Mary had a little lamb and twinkle star on the ocarina.
Millie – Thank you for the money. We’ve really enjoyed what we spent it on!

As a teacher having more resources has also motivated me and made lessons much more exciting and rewarding. It’s genuinely lovely to see the children look forward to music lessons, they always ask about what we are going to do each week and share their ideas about what they’d like to do.

Thank you to Music For All. This has made a big difference to our school”.