Our Ambassador Hannah Rankin is two amazing things… A professional bassoonist and a professional boxer! She has been nicknamed “The Classical Warrior” and we are delighted to have her as part of our team.

We are very proud that this weekend, Hannah was crowned Scotland’s first female world champion as she claimed the IBO super-welterweight title with a unanimous points decision – many congratulations to Hannah.

Here’s her quote which explains why she supports our work at Music for All:

“As a child I was lucky enough to grow up in a musical family who provided me with opportunities to explore my love of music which ultimately made me the musician I am today. Taking part in music helped me to work as part of a team but also helped me to develop my confidence and enjoy those solo moments where I had a chance to share my music with others. ‘Music for All’ gives people, young and old, the opportunity to enjoy and take part in music and I think the charity is a fantastic way of supporting future generations of musicians.”