We were asked to provide a grant for the purchase of musical instruments to be used during the Ayam Zaman (The Olden days) London Sunday men’s group for music therapy. The instruments were to be used to teach over 55, Arabic speaking men how to play music to soothe and treat their anxiety, mental health and to reduce their isolation by helping them integrate with their peers in a safe space.

Using a facilitator with a musical background, these gentlemen were taught the importance of using music as a therapeutic tool and how they could learn to play an instrument rather than just listen to one.
The results were staggering, with the group increasing in number each week due to the positive feedback from participants who would usually not leave their homes on a Sunday and were increasingly reliant on medication.

The photographs show that during the ‘Adopt a Grandad’ session, the gentlemen were paired with young children who don’t have grandfather figures in their lives. In turn, many of these gentlemen do not have grandchildren or had lost touch with them. During the session, both played the musical instruments together and found that they had a mutual love for music and had the opportunity to get to know each other and speak about their interests. The children loved the session so much, that they asked for another, as did the gentlemen.

The improvement in the overall mood of the gentlemen after the session and the idea that they could have future sessions such as these has led to them practicing on the purchased instruments for a future performance for the youngsters they met. Unbeknown to them, the youngsters have also been practicing on the instruments to perform for them.

As we always say at the charity….Music for ALL!