This lovely Primary School in West Sussex asked for our help to get the school making music. In their words:

“We have used this money to purchase 80 ukuleles for use across our academy. This allows us to have two class sets of 30 and 20 for use in a ukulele choir. 
So far this grant has enabled us to run a ukulele choir with a group of KS2 learners. They have been able to practise weekly, with a member of staff, and then take the ukulele’s home to continue practising. This has meant that all the children have made brilliant progress and they are currently rehearsing to perform in an assembly soon. We are planning to incorporate our new ukuleles into the Music curriculum for September. This will allow lots of children across our academy are able to have the opportunity to learn an instrument, an experience they would not have without the money we have received from Music for All”.