The charming Ricall Community Primary School in York badly needed our help to allow the children to learn and play for free. In their words:

“The funding has allowed us to purchase musical instruments for all children, enabling them to learn to play free of charge. This is despite the fact that the school is currently running a deficit budget, due to increased staffing costs and other financial pressures.

This funding has allowed the children at our school to have the experience, challenge and reward of learning to play instruments over an extended period of time. We have seen a huge range of benefits for our children, including increased resilience in all learning, the development of a growth mind-set (the fact that no-one is born good at something – it takes practice and hard work to achieve) and increased engagement and enthusiasm for school in general. We are working with students and staff at York St. John University, who are supporting the teaching of high quality music lessons. We want to instil a passion for music in the children, which will help them to develop learning skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. This funding is vital to enable us to facilitate this”.