UAA asked for our help to buy some African musical instruments including djembe drums, a dun dun drum, tambourine and shakers for their community African drumming and dance group, the Dancing Drums.

In their words:

“We had a small number of drums and they were either of poor quality or very old and worn. As a community group whose approach is inclusivity we invite anyone and everyone, with and without experience to join us not only on our weekly African drumming, singing and dance sessions but also at the various community events and venues we perform at. We always have members of the public who wish to participate at events and prior to receiving the grant we didn’t have enough instruments for many people to participate and so the additional of more drums and in particular shakers has allowed more people to join in. Last week we visited Bridgewater Primary School in Northampton to celebrate Africa day with 2 groups of Year 2 students, each group comprising 45 children and with the addition of the school’s shakers and our instruments each child in the class was able to play an instrument and participate in the celebratory event.

The new drums are able to provide a superior sound to our music not only at events but also during the drumming sessions and we can now include up to 40 people to join us with playing an instrument.

The new and improved sound has impressed many and we have been invited to more events since gaining the instruments and have had more people wanting join the group. We play to audiences of up to 1000 people and the feedback is always positive!. Additionally the weekly drumming sessions are free of charge to anyone attending and most of the regulars are on very low incomes so without the grant it would not have been possible to buy any more instruments.

We are very grateful to Music for All for their award to us”.