Cathedral Sing is an outreach project from Portsmouth Cathedral that takes music into the classroom and then into concerts with Portsmouth Cathedral Choir.

We were asked if we could support this excellent project. As a result of the grant we were able to give, they have extended their work and now have projects across the Isle of Wight, East Hampshire and Portsmouth. Also, they have been able to buy a piano to take into schools where there isย little or no music provision. Plus, they have been into schools which are in areas of significant deprivation and challenge. And, they have left some schools with choirs in place where little or no music is currently taught.

In their words:
โ€œThanks to Music for All, we have been able to awaken that instrument in many, bring it together with over 1000 other voices, to create a harmony which most of these children never realised existed. THANK YOU!โ€