Kiara and her Mum wrote to us asking if we could help, read on for a charming story!

“My school had told me that they would not be able to buy any bigger violins as they do not have the storage space to keep them, it meant I would of had to give up my violin lessons as the cost for a new violin was too much for my mum as she also has my brother and sister to look after. 
I was so happy to of received this money from Music for All as it meant I could get a bigger violin and continue my lessons, It also means I was able to take my grade 2 violin exam which I passed (go me!). Also I have been able to stay in my school orchestra with my friends and also Bristol Plays Music Orchestra.
This means a lot to me as it means I get to continue performing on stages and at concerts for people and also make friends and have fun playing an instrument I love playing.
Thank you so much Music for All for giving me this chance and providing me with the grant to buy a new violin so I can continue to make music”.