This lovely school in Swansea really believe in the power of music and asked if we could help them to allow more children to get involved in music making. In their words:

“The grant has provided us with the opportunity to offer instrumental tuition to a far wider audience than what we have previously been able to offer. Our first project was to offer string, woodwind and brass tuition to pupils Years 5+ from our feeder primary schools. We provided pupils with one on one/small group tuition on a weekly basis where they were able to have their own instrument to take home to practice with. Pupils who were involved in the transition scheme were invited to attend a Transition Orchestra Day at the beginning of July where we held workshops for over 80 pupils from our feeder primary schools alongside our orchestra at Penyrheol. These pupils then performed in the Penyrheol Music Department’s Summer Concert to an audience of over 200 parents, guardians and school staff. All feedback was very positive, pupils enjoyed the experience of performing and parents loved to see the pupils taking centre stage to show off the work that they have achieved over the last year.
The second project was to offer whole class instrumental tuition in brass and woodwind for pupils in Year 7 at Penyrheol. The Department hired plastic brass instruments and purchased a class set of Toots (plastic flutes.) Again pupils found this very beneficial in developing their musicality and their knowledge of different instruments. Out of this project 16 Year 7 pupils decided to continue tuition with the brass and woodwind teacher.
Without the grant these opportunities would not have been possible. On behalf of the pupils I would like to thank you for considering our request. It has been a pleasure to see pupils enthused and engaged with traditional Music making and we hope that this will continue in to the future”.