We were recently able to support talented Lydia with piano lessons, here is her amazing story in her own words:

“Receiving a grant from Music for All has enabled me to take 10 quality piano lessons. I played piano as a child and stopped at the age of 12 due to my family moving to Ghana, Africa which meant my beautiful piano had to stay behind in my hometown of North Carolina. I moved to the UK at the age of 14 and feel like I found myself here. I started singing at school and was encouraged to take it further. Now, at the age 24, I have won several singing competitions and am working of releasing my own original material for the first time. I feel England has a unique music scene and view of the music industry as a whole and I have studied an array of talented artist that this island has nurtured and accepted. I dream to be a rock star and this grant has helped me revive my love for playing piano. It feels like a full circle moment that has only brought positivity in my life. I feel like I can do anything now after fearing I’d completely lost my skills and can write songs a bit easier now. My teacher is brilliant and has taught me so much about the way pianos are made, their history and has helped me learn how to read music again which really excited me! Playing the piano has also made me feel smarter as my brain has been trained how to play two different things on each hand and maintain complex rhythms and melodies. My next goal is to purchase a simple keyboard to have at home so that I can practice as much as I would like to. I’m sure once I do my skills will excel. This grant has empowered me and makes me feel like in a quite complex and dark world we live in, there are still kind people and organisations that are about people like me that are robbed of certain opportunities or overlooked due to lacking funds and various other obstacles. Thank you so much for this grant and keep up the great work!”