We have been delighted to be able to support these two lovely children in learning the harp over the last year or so and have just had this wonderful update from Mum:

“Since the end of March, Selma has learnt to play two Grade 3 pieces: “Blistering Rock” and “Allegro”. She has also given some great performances. In May, Selma took part in a competition at the South Glamorgan Festival for Young Musicians and also performed at Showcases at the International Music School in Cardiff. Selma was also invited to join the Cardiff and Vale Foundation Orchestra. She had her first concert as part of this orchestra in July at City Hall, Cardiff. She also performed for parents, teachers and student at the Awards evening event in her school and won the Musician of the Year 2019 award!

Jevdet’s progress has been good and steady. He is now playing with more enjoyment. Over the last few moments, he has learnt two Grade 1 pieces: “Allegretto” and “Sound the Trumpets”. He also performed at Showcases at the International Music School, Cardiff. He is still shy when performing for bigger audiences, but he is rather confident in front of smaller ones.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Music for All Charity for your timely support for our children, which allowed them to continue their musical development without any interruption and to continue to appreciate music more deeply and more consciously for their age. Thanks to your invaluable support, music now has a special place in our hearts and family.”