A lovely gentleman kindly donated a digital piano to us and we set about finding a suitable and deserving person to give it to. Joe faces a number of challenges in his young life and music has been found to help reduce his stress and anxiety. Read the lovely words from Joe’s Mum about his new piano!:

“Having the opportunity to have such a wonderful piano at home allows Joe to have time to play as and when he wishes and for how long he chooses or needs to play.
At school he mostly gets to play in ‘Choice Time’ which is limited or if he is feeling very anxious.
There is no way on this earth I would have ever been able to provide Joe with such an instrument like this so to have this donated is massively appreciated by both Joe and myself and I am so looking forward to watching Joe progress in his playing as well as knowing that he has a source of stress relief close at hand in his own home.
Thanks so much to Music for All”.