This charming Primary School needed our help to support all the children that wanted to learn music. The Academy serves a very mixed area demographically, with many children from families where music lessons would simply not be on the agenda, for a variety of social and economic reasons.
In the words of the School:

“The grant provided by Music For All literally allowed us to do that – provide music – for all. All Year 4 pupils now have weekly keyboard lessons, led by a member of staff, giving every child an equal chance to be inspired by music, and to grow the confidence and self esteem that we know that music brings.

One of our Year 4 pupils said, “I feel excited about using the keyboard. My sister has a keyboard at home and this means I can practise more as well. I’m really thrilled about using the keyboard for the rest of the year and learning to become independent so I can play and perform for others.”

Whilst it is too early to tell if we have created a future Clara or Robert Schumann, the grant from Music for All has certainly created excitement and enthusiasm in our school, and will do for years to come!”