A neurological condition had sadly forced Steve to work on a self-employed part time basis. On the plus side, this has given him more time to deliver community music workshops. Steve asked if we could help him with Grant to buy a keyboard in order to continue his work.

We were delighted to be able to help him! This is what Steve had to say:

“The grant has allowed me to purchase a digital piano for use in a variety of community settings. Before obtaining the piano, the community music sessions that I ran or helped out in were reliant on the venue having either a piano or keyboard already on the premises, this was often of low quality or in the case of the piano out of tune or with broken keys etc.

One of the main workshops I run is a community choir, and as you can imagine teaching and expecting people to sing to an out of tune piano is not the easiest of tasks and can be very frustrating for all involved. The keyboard you’ve provided makes me feel more confident in approaching groups, as I can ask if they have considered music sessions and tell them that I can provide the piano to accompany the choir.

On a personal note, (pun fully intended!), it has allowed me to develop my own piano playing skills; I am currently at Grade 5, and I’m aiming for my Grade 6 in February having already achieved Grade 8 in guitar and vocals and music theory.

Thank you very much for the digital piano. It has made not only my musical journey easier, but is helping others along the way too”.