Back in 2017, we helped Phoebe, who was living with her Grandparents, with flute lessons in order to keep her learning music.

Skip forward to 2019 and she is taking her Grade 8 flute in December! Not only that, she now plans to study music in 6th Form.

She also plays in several different groups. At Croydon Music and Arts, School and also with Kinetika Bloco who play a new British Carnival sound. At CMA and school she plays classical and Musical music, but with Kinetika Bloco she plays more Jazz and British Carnival music, which is exciting and not what most people think of as a traditional flute and Piccolo!

She even has plans to teach music and play in musicals in the West End! We are very proud of her and delighted to have been able to support her over the years.