This lovely Primary School in London needed our help to get music properly embedded in the school. We were able to offer a Community Grant and here is what happened next (in the words of the school):
“This grant has really benefited the school, the local community and the children individually.
Since the funding, we have been able to start specialist individual music lessons such as Piano, Guitar and Drum Kit sessions. As a school, we also let our building to a Saturday community music project, which benefits both the local community and pupils of Bellenden. The grant has been also been a huge benefit to them as they have full access to all of our equipment which has also allowed us to increase community cohesion and enable children who attend that to be eligible for graded exams.
Both the Bellenden Primary school and the Saturday Music project have now put on 3 performances. These performance were open to parents of children and members of the community. Following these performances, there has been a huge amount of interest in joining both the school and Saturday music school due to the quality equipment in the building. We have even opened up our music suite during the children’s lunch break so they are able to enjoy the music suite at their leisure.
We are also planning to start both a Parent Choir and a Teacher Choir to further use the resources ordered. We will also be starting a summer recording project; with our new microphones, we were able to create our own mini studio. This is going to give the children to opportunity to create their own CD’s of them signing or rapping.
We also have a large number of children whose second language is English, we have found that we are able to connect/communicate or build relationships through music. The funding has also helped start a music therapy session for children with special education needs and disabilities.”