This lovely school in Romford asked for our help to get ukuleles for the children. Read on to find out what happened next in the words of the school:

“Many children in our school do not have the chance to access music lessons or other musical experiences outside of school. The pupils are thrilled with the unique opportunity to hold and play an instrument, as for many of them, this is something they would have otherwise missed out on.

Giving our pupils the chance to learn about and play a new musical instrument has begun to provide them new ways of developing their musical knowledge, confidence and imagination. The children work hard to support each other in their learning, offering peer feedback to their classmates throughout the lessons. This has led to better cooperation and teamwork as they have begun to see the benefits of working together to achieve a goal.

The children look forward to their ukulele lessons and are excited to share what they have learned with other pupils and adults around the school. They show great pride in their new knowledge and understanding of the ukulele and the music they have been learning.

As they complete their first set of ukulele lessons, the pupils will have the opportunity to perform to others. This will allow them to proudly showcase their new skills and with the exceptional chance of exposing their peers to live music.”