This story really shows the power of music in action, have a read of the effect that music has had on Gillian…

“I have been unable to earn since sustaining an injury to my left elbow. The injury has meant that I have limited use of my left arm due to constant pain and the weakness in the damaged tendon. This has meant that I can no longer teach yoga, as I used to, resulting in loss of my income.

I have been following the advice of my physiotherapist and have used my musical practice as a means to strengthen my arm. I have taken up the piano along with playing my violin. The movement required by both instruments helps keep mobility in my arm, but also, because I am focusing on my playing, I am less aware of the pain that the movement is causing. This means that I have a positive physiotherapy treatment that I can enjoy!

This experience has also opened to doors to the prospect of being able to teach music and earn an income from doing so. This is something that I can physically do and enjoy, which means that I can be of assistance to others and share my knowledge with them.

The funding from Music for All has given me the chance to continue my violin lessons during a period when I cannot afford to so do. The funding has supported me in taking that step closer to being able to take my Grade 8 examination, and therefore being more qualified to teach, and produce an income once more.

I am extremely grateful for the support that Music for All has provided me during this challenging time.”