This excellent guitar was kindly donated to us by a lovely man called Alex back in May (you can see the picture of him giving it to his nearby PMT shop who sent it on to us). We then set about finding a deserving young musician to give it to!

We found Callum, here is his story:


“I was very lucky to receive a guitar from this charity. This has enabled me to further my learning and improve my confidence in playing. I have most recently passed my grade 5 exam in electric guitar and started my university degree. I cannot express how such a charity has made a difference to me. Friends and fellow students have commented on the improvement they have seen in my playing over the last few months and this has to be partly attributed to having access to my own guitar. It’s great to know that such a charity exists for musicians, as it seems most grants are based on academic courses and I feel musicians/artists can get overlooked and not taken seriously. I would say to any budding musician, do what you love! Music can be a career and there is support out there to help you. Thank you Music for All!!”