Olivia has serious plans for her musical future and badly needed an instrument of her own to help make this happen. We stepped in, and we’ve just had this lovely letter from her:

“This grant has really made a huge impact on my musical life. The Grant has allowed me to purchase a high quality trombone. This has come at a critical time for me, as auditions for conservatoires are coming up, and to have a professional standard instrument will really help me to show myself at the very best that I can be.

As well as this, owning my own instrument gives me the huge benefit of not being tied down to the County from which I have been borrowing instruments up to now. This grant will allow me to comfortably enter a life as a student and professional musician without worrying about rental instruments or financing. At quite a pivotal moment in my life, this will allow me to have security in my instrument – which is fantastic.

As well as for my future, this grant will allow me to fully explore the routes I have available to me now – being able to use a high quality instrument at Aldeburgh Young Musicians for this final year will really help me fully explore my musicianship to the highest degree. This is also true for anything else I may do throughout the year, whether it be professional gigs with bands, or auditioning for other fantastic opportunities like National Youth Jazz Collective.

This grant has really helped me be able to take all of these opportunities and make the most out of them. Thank you!”