We have been able to reach out to even more talented individuals and inspirational community projects – young, old, regardless of their life challenges and abilities – and have helped them to fulfill their musical dreams…

Here’s just some of the amazing people and projects we’ve supported over the last few months – to see more stories like these, please go to musicforall.org.uk/news or follow us on facebook and Instagram

 Brass support for Dalmellington

The wonderful Brass Academy Dalmellington in Ayrshire asked for our help to source more instruments for the children they teach.

They aim to provide a full brass band music education to young children and people from across Ayrshire, all completely for free, particularly focusing on the more deprived areas around East Ayrshire. They provide free lessons for all children and nurture them into becoming musicians.

The brass academy aim to continue this for as long as they financially can, and hope to give young people and children the opportunity to learn musical instruments in a brass band setting!

A keyboard for Steve

A neurological condition had sadly forced Steve to work on a self-employed part time basis. On the plus side, this has given him more time to deliver community music workshops. Steve asked if we could help him with Grant to buy a keyboard in order to continue his work.

We were delighted to be able to support him!

Music for Wellbeing and the Uke Group

This wonderful Care in the Community Group work with older people and adults with learning difficulties to make a positive impact on their wellbeing through music. We were delighted to be able to give them a grant so they could purchase 30 ukuleles!

These are a few words from them:

‘Since receiving the ukuleles, they have been used in a regular movement and music groups for people living with dementia and have also formed the basis of an inter-generational ukulele project, bringing together residents of a care home and families from a local school.’

A guitar for Eli

Young Eli has a real passion for the guitar and the one thing he badly needed was one of his own. Sadly, the family situation could not make this happen and we were asked if we could help. In Eli’s own words:

“The guitar has given me something to do in my free time and gets me really into the music. It helps me to get a feeling for music and music has become a big part of my life. I am proud of my beautiful guitar and it has a special place in my room (and my heart). Thank you so much. I could not have had this without you. It has really helped me get through my school year and I am very grateful”.

Violin lessons for Gillian

This story really shows the power of music in action, have a read of the effect that music has had on Gillian…

“I have been unable to earn since sustaining an injury to my left elbow. The injury has meant that I have limited use of my left arm due to constant pain and the weakness in the damaged tendon. This has meant that I can no longer teach yoga, as I used to, resulting in loss of my income.

I have been following the advice of my physiotherapist and have used my musical practice as a means to strengthen my arm. I have taken up the piano along with playing my violin. The movement required by both instruments helps keep mobility in my arm, but also, because I am focusing on my playing, I am less aware of the pain that the movement is causing. This means that I have a positive physiotherapy treatment that I can enjoy!

This experience has also opened to doors to the prospect of being able to teach music and earn an income from doing so. This is something that I can physically do and enjoy, which means that I can be of assistance to others and share my knowledge with them.

The funding from Music for All has given me the chance to continue my violin lessons during a period when I cannot afford to so do. The funding has supported me in taking that step closer to being able to take my Grade 8 examination, and therefore being more qualified to teach, and produce an income once more.

I am extremely grateful for the support that Music for All has provided me during this challenging time.”

Instruments for Crosthwaite

This lovely Primary School in Cumbria needed our support to buy 30 ukuleles. The challenges to school budgets are harming so many children’s life-chances to learn to make music. We simply can’t stand by and watch this happen, so our charity will always act whenever it is able.

If you ever want to see the effect music-making can have on children, please read the words of the school and children below:

“Having ukuleles available to us has transformed our access to the whole music curriculum. We had hardly any tuned percussion in school, apart from a class set of glockenspiels in boxes. Now Y3 & 4 have been able to learn to play the ukulele over a period of weeks. and Y5/6 have used them in composition lessons. Our children have been so inspired by the chance to learn an instrument for themselves and take them home enthusiastically each week to practice. Learning the ukulele has significantly bridged the gap between music at home and school. The children are desperate to practice and take their Ukes home each week.”

Support for Music Fusion

Music Fusion in Havant access and engage young people going through challenging life circumstances. These can range from depression, anxiety, neglect, drug abuse and criminal activity, amongst other issues. We were recently able to supply the project with a number of donated instruments including some lovely guitars from our good friends at Faith Guitars.

They have been able to create a space that feels safe, but also credible and inspiring, it helps them to grow in confidence and strive to create great music!

In their words:

“Thanks so much Music for All, this equipment will help inspire hundreds of young people going through very tough times”.