We have been able to reach out to even more talented individuals – young, old, regardless of personal or life challenges – and have helped them to fulfill their musical dreams. We’ve also supported many projects and initiatives that are taking place throughout the UK that all aim to bring music to their community.

Specialist Flute head joint for Jennifer

Jennifer is a keen flautist who was struggling to play as she suffers from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Due to this, she had to give up playing years ago as the pain became too much.

However, when studying Music and Education at university, Jennifer resumed her passion and asked for help from us to fund buying a specialist flute head joint, which prevents strain and has now given her the opportunity to continue her musical journey in The Riverside Band!

This is what Jennifer has had to say about how it has helped her:

‘Since having the new head joint, I have been able to play without shoulder or neck pain. It took some getting used to but now I find it easy to use and I am well used it. Often, I play in 1st Flute because I now have the capacity to practice without pain. I also play in church and really enjoy it. It has been incredibly useful.’

A violin for Tia

Tia has a wonderful love for playing the violin, despite her everyday struggle with a hearing impairment. Unfortunately, her family weren’t in the financial position to buy Tia her own violin, so we helped them out! Here are the delightful words from her parents:

‘Tia has now completed her grade 6 violin examination. I am beyond words to describe how proud we are of her. She loves the violin that we bought with the support from music for all. She is encouraged and empowered to strive for what she loves and is talented for. We are so grateful for the support from Music for all. Thank you so much.’

A piano for Bradshaw

This lovely Primary School in Halifax really needed a digital piano to be able to help the children with music lessons. As it happened, a charming lady in London has just donated one to us….we knew just where to send it!

A bass for Aime

Talented bass player Aime (aka Mulele) plays in a Congolese Jazz fusion band. Tragically, his bass guitar was damaged beyond repair and he had no means to buy a new one. A wonderful man called Dave had just kindly donated a bass guitar to us and we knew just who to give it to!

Percussion instruments for Blue Light Symphony Orchestra

This wonderful Orchestra in Cornwall supports members of the emergency services through music therapy. However, they could no longer afford to hire the instruments needed for the workshops so came to us for help.

They can now get more percussionists playing at their events and continue their mission of helping people suffering from mental health conditions with the magic of music!

A guitar for Etienne

Etienne had been struggling to progress with his old guitar and desperately needed a new one but financial circumstances meant this wasn’t possible for him. We were donated four beautiful guitars from PRS guitars and we knew exactly who to pass one on to!