This wonderful Orchestra in Cornwall supports members of the emergency services through music therapy. However, they could no longer afford to hire the instruments needed for the workshops so came to us for help. They can now get more percussionists playing at their events and continue their mission of helping people suffering from mental health conditions with the magic of music.

This is the lovely message we were sent:

‘This award is a huge boost to us as a new charity and will enable us to do more of the music that people love to perform. We have several percussionists from the emergency services who wish to play at our workshops but playing music that uses them has been cost prohibitive due to the need to hire instruments. This money will mean that we will now be able to get more of our percussionists involved.

The BLSO aims to improve the mental welfare of the UK Emergency Services Workers by encouraging them to engage in leisure time music activities and also through the use of music therapy, to treat serious mental health conditions such as PTSD.’