Why Music?

Music is an essential part of the fabric of our lives.

Why Music?

Music is an extremely powerful means of communication, playing a role in many of our social and religious institutions.  Making music can help break down cultural barriers and strengthen social unity.

Why Music?

Making music can also play an important part in helping us find a balance in our busy lives, improving our wellbeing and helping us rediscover who we are through creative self-expression.

Music can keep you younger, make you smarter, and keep you healthy!

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Making Music Keeps You Younger!

There is an increasing amount of research showing that making music can really improve health and encourage social interaction. Today’s older adults are very discerning and very aware of their own ability to take control of their physical and emotional health.

Studies have found that making music can contribute to wellbeing by:

  • Improving some of the effects of degenerative diseases
  • Alleviating depression when used in conjunction with relaxation techniques
  • Assisting in a range of difficult behaviours for patients with dementia
  • Helping with memory by using familiar songs and learning new songs
  • Having a positive effect on carers of the elderly
  • Enhancing the quality of the lives of those who have learning difficulties.

Making Music Makes You Smarter!

Music plays an important role in children’s brain development and their early education. Making music requires children to think quickly, with four or five decisions per second. It also teaches children to manage information, think and solve problems, be adaptive, learn continuously and to work well with others. Involvement in music can reinforce self-discipline, teamwork, creativity and self-expression. Music is an important element of education that allows students to have the best possible start in life.

A ten year study indicated that students who study music achieve higher test scores regardless of socio-economic background
– Coalition for Music Education in Canada

 Students who participate in a school band or orchestra have the lowest levels of current and lifelong use of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs among any group in our society
– Coalition for Music Education in Canada

Making Music Keeps You Healthy!

Music is increasingly used to enhance the quality of our lives. Research indicates that making music leads to improvements in general health and improvements in some specific health related conditions.

Music can help in many ways:

In the work place and leisure time

Studies have shown that making music is a great source of stress relief, it can reduce burnout, enhance mood and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.  Recent research has found that learning a wind instrument can significantly improve the symptoms of asthma.

In Schools

The skills learnt in making music may help in other areas of school life: better concentration, increased creativity, self esteem and self discipline. Also, children who receive music lessons have shown improved social skills, greater self-reliance and more positive attitudes.

In hospitals & care homes

Patients have found that music can assist them with their motivation, recovery, exercise endurance and physical comfort. Music can also stimulate long and short-term memory.